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Shannon Munford MS

Shannon is an anger management expert and the owner and founder of Daybreak Counseling Service, an education center offering anger management classes, counseling, and therapy in Los Angeles, California. His clients consist of members within the entertainment industry as well as corporate America. He has also appeared on national television shows such as MTV’s Real World Hollywood, Keeping up with the Kardashians, The Dr. Phil Show, MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan Show, and E! News.

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Stepping down and stepping in

July 9, 2006

I’m in the process of hiring someone to teach classes in my corporate offices.

I have four locations now and contract other counselors to teach anger management classes but I’ve always reserved the corporate office for me. It is where I started my business 4 years ago.

In the beggining I spent many days and evenings sleeping on the couch in my office while I waited and waited for a client to show, any client. Now the room is filled with people looking for help.

Starting and running a business takes a lot of time and alot of energy. That’s time and energy my family did not get. Well its time to give them what they deserve. Stepping away for me will not be easy. I admit I’m a workaholic and no one can run your business like you run your buisness, but I can’t afford to miss out on watching my sons grow…and I have to stay connected to my wifee. She has sacraficed alot the last 4 years.

This friday I took my family to the park, one that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Its a simple excursion but it’s the type of excursion we’ve cheated ourselves of for a while. Hopefully their will be many more like them on the way.

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By Shannon Munford

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