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Shannon Munford MS

Shannon is an anger management expert and the owner and founder of Daybreak Counseling Service, an education center offering anger management classes, counseling, and therapy in Los Angeles, California. His clients consist of members within the entertainment industry as well as corporate America. He has also appeared on national television shows such as MTV’s Real World Hollywood, Keeping up with the Kardashians, The Dr. Phil Show, MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan Show, and E! News.

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Ryan Seacrest Productions looking for anger management students

August 11, 2010


Ryan Seacrest Productions and Sam Mettler, the creator of
are teaming up and producing a new documentary series for A & E. We are very excited to help as many people as we can that suffer from serious emotional conditions.

For our first episode we are currently looking to do a story on anger management. We want to break the stereotypes and are seeking a woman to tell her story. Women are not usually portrayed dealing with Anger issues. And there is a stigma attached. But we believe their stories are important. If you know of anyone that would be right for this, we want to help. We want to explore how their current condition is affecting their lives, emotionally, physically, mentally, financially and in their relationships- both family and social. We value our reputation and have worked with severe emotional trauma in the past. We have no intention exploiting or creating drama. We take any condition very seriously. They will also be working with renowned author and hypnotherapist, Paul McKenna. He will explore when the anger started, how it is affecting their day-to-day lives and if they feel a sense of lost potential. Paul wants to get them to realize that potential once again! We are looking for loved ones or close friends that would participate as well. These conditions don’t occur in a bubble. We do compensate and a fee will be considered for their time. Thank you for passing this on to anyone you know or any volunteers in the program. PLEASE- would it be ok to post anything up in your classes or places of of high visibility to attract people who would be interested in participating? I can be reached at 818 983 – 6196 And my website is

Sincerely, Marc Levine

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