Rape, Anger and Revenge. Rhianna’s Man Down Video

June 4, 2011

I can’t presume to say I could ever relate to the trauma experienced by a woman who has been raped. The violation is unthinkable and inexcusable. In Rhianna’s new video “Man Down” featured below she tells the story of rape, anger and revenge.

Their are several types of abuse including physical, mental, emotional, sexual and neglect. Most of us have experienced one or more of them at some time in our lives. The anger generated by abuse is justified and understandable and it is not unnatural to have thoughts about revenge. Some of us find revenge in passive-aggressive ways, like gossip, the silent treatment or sabatoge. Others take a more direct approach through verbal or physical aggression.

Those who have suffered any type of abuse experience a lack of power, we feel helpless and desperately attempt to find ways to regain control of our lives and our emotions, but to give into thoughts of revenge does the exact opposite. When we are consumed with thought of revenge we allow our abusers to live rent free in our heads. They still hold the power. In fact in the end acts of revenge can cause us to suffer through consequences far worse than the original offense.

The anger we feel is real. Expereince it and use it to forge a new strength, a strenght that will fortify you and possibly others who have been where you have been.

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Shannon Munford

Shannon Munford

Anger Management Expert and Counselor at Daybreak Services

Shannon Munford is an anger management expert and the owner and founder of Daybreak Services, an education center offering anger management classes, counseling, and therapy in Los Angeles, California. His clients consist of members within the entertainment industry as well as corporate America.

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