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Shannon Munford MS

Shannon is an anger management expert and the owner and founder of Daybreak Counseling Service, an education center offering anger management classes, counseling, and therapy in Los Angeles, California. His clients consist of members within the entertainment industry as well as corporate America. He has also appeared on national television shows such as MTV’s Real World Hollywood, Keeping up with the Kardashians, The Dr. Phil Show, MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan Show, and E! News.

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Archive: September 2009

Anger outburst could land Serena Williams “in court” rather than on the court

September 14, 2009

Professional Tennis can be a challenging sport. Rain delays, nagging injuries and bad calls by the line judge can bring out the worst in the best competitors. John Mcenroe one…

Anger Management and Verbal Abuse

September 9, 2009

By Susan Levy Having been a victim of both verbal and physical abuse, I can honestly report that for me the verbal was worse than the physical. The main reason…

Shawne Merriman accused of angry attack against Tila Tequila

September 7, 2009

Pro Bowler Linebacker Shawn Merriman is getting some publicity for a possible sack off the field. Merriman was arressted for possibly having an anger management meltdown when he was accused…

Blount force trauma-Oregon State football player needs anger management

September 4, 2009

LeGarrette Blount is the starting running back for the Oregon State football team. Instead of hitting the holes to a win over Boise State during their season opener, Blount hits…

Free anger management classes for victims of Station Fire.

September 3, 2009

Anger is a secondary emotion. The fear and stress of loosing property or life can trigger episodes of aggression and rage. All those affected by the devastation of the Station…

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